Soccer Performance Analysis

Soccer Performance Analysis

Video Match Analysis

A Soccerstyle consultant is on location at your game, recording the entire game in high definition.  Video analysis is performed post-game.  Detailed team or player analysis results are given via written and video feedback.  Soccerstyle provides players and coaches with the tools to improve their performance.

Individual Player Packages

Want to evaluate your performance?  Soccerstyle is for you!  Great for players just learning the game or for elite players looking to get to the next level.  Learn your strengths and weaknesses as a player through objective video and written feedback.   

Team Packages

Team packages are an affordable per player option for a team of any level to improve its performance. Soccerstyle performance analysis provides detailed objective feedback which highlights areas of needed improvement, giving the coach tools to plan future training sessions.  

Club Packages

Club packages can be customized to analyze multiple teams or multiple games for an individual team. Soccerstyle provides your club with innovative analysis tools to improve your club's performance. Attract elite players to your club by offering Soccerstyle and take your club to the next level. Contact us for a free demonstration of what Soccerstyle can offer your club.

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